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Expatriates in China
where the laowai are
Immoral Foreign Blogger 
30th-Aug-2006 04:01 pm
The PRC has recently seen fit to lift the Blogger and Blogspot ban in China. This has led to a lot of changes in the China expat blog world... not the least of which is that now I can see my blog and edit my typesetting, spelling and pictures much more easily. (which will make your lives better!)

But this also means that Chinese readers can now read the Sex In Shanghai guy. Most of us have already looked at Sex In Shanghai because it's #1 on the China Blog List. It's about a foreign "teacher" juggling his relationships, dates and one-night-stands, often with his students.

He's bugged me for a while because a teacher just shouldn't take advantage of his students that way, even if they are 18 and it's not technically illegal. I also think kissing and blogging is kind of lame, especially with notes about each girl's sexual performance! I can't totally hate him because he does prove my theory that 50% of teenage girls in China are named Sunny and Lily, and the other 50% call themselves things like River, September or Heaven.

Anyway, now that Blogspot/Blogger is accessible from China, the Chinese can read all about his escapades. And Chinese readers are furious.

Here is EastSouthNorthWest's translation of the call to eliminate the "immoral foreign blogger". (The real post is here, but it's in Chinese) There are also various death threats towards the Sex in Shanghai guy floating around the blog world.

The PRC was right. Everyone really was much happier with a censored 'net.
30th-Aug-2006 01:10 pm (UTC)
Heh, he left out Summer alongside Sunny and Lily. After awhile, the Summers and Sunny's become interchangeable, though, especially when you have a pair of them in the same class.

Perhaps I'm a latent Victorian, but the writing about sleeping with married women stuff was more annoying than writing about sleeping with his former students (and in his defense he did say they were former students). In fact I'm probably annoyed at the writer because some of the expats here have taken to bragging about taking care of the "needs" of lonely married Chinese women, and I fairly or unfairly throw him into this scuzzy lot, though in fairness he's a witty read, while they're terribly boring.

On the other hand, the Sex and Shanghai blogger's chief attacker, Prof. Zhang Jiehai, has more than a few screws loose -- check out what he wrote on his blog about mixed couples he encounters in China. Here's a short snippet:
I then realized that the old man across the street was a foreigner, his back to us, with long, dirty, messy hair. No wonder I mistook him for a trash collector. The cart he was pushing held not garbage but a mixed blood child.

Next to him was a Chinese girl, young, pretty, attractive Chinese girl.

The Frenchwoman burst out laughing, “What's up with Chinese women?”

The Frenchwoman laughed because we had discussed this very topic at lunch. I had heard about these kinds of foreign male/Chinese female couples before, but didn't give it much thought. Now, however, the gap between this man and woman is too intense. A lovely Chinese flower and an old, ugly,fat, short, half-naked, withered foreign man and their little baby in the cart.

I wonder if Mr. Zhang is going to start claiming victory now that Sex and Shanghai is "invitation only." Regardless, his writings are now going to be showcased as psychosexual nationalist ranting in a way that makes all Chinese men look bad.
31st-Aug-2006 02:12 am (UTC)
actually I've noticed the smoking hot Chinese girl with less-than-handsome white guy syndrome before.

I think the students thing bothers me the most because I see how naive my teenage students are. Even if it's legal, and they're technically ex-students, these girls are just not aware of what they're getting into.
31st-Aug-2006 06:35 am (UTC)
Well, let's look at this statistically: how often do you see smoking hot Chinese girls with less-than-handsome Chinese men? I've encountered that pairing a lot here in Tianjin, and I'm willing to bet that it's more common than Chinese girls with "ugly" foreigners. In either case, the phenomenon is only a little different from, say, walking around a shopping mall Stateside and seeing a mixed-attractiveness couple and wondering, what does he/she see in him/her?

What disgusts me about the professor's writings is that, in the case of the Sex and Shanghai guy, he's attacking a man who treats Chinese women as sex objects and denigrates Chinese men, an outrage I can understand, though I don't endorse his plan of action, whereas in the other posting, he's not disgusted by a sleazy foreigner, he's outraged by what is probably a loving family. He's a psych teacher, for Pete's sake, and he's symbolically referring to a mixed-race child as garbage.


As for naivete among Chinese girls, I'm sad to say that even Chinese twentysomethings, male and femalealike, remain immature compared to their Western peers. The girls you talked about may not be aware of what they're getting into until they're well into their mid-to-late 20s.
31st-Aug-2006 10:50 am (UTC)
It's just creepy when the old fat foreigner is with the pretty young chinese wife and he tells you in private that she's his 3rd wife and usually gets a divorce by the time his 'wife' turns 30.
31st-Aug-2006 01:34 pm (UTC)
I've seen that, but I've heard Chinese men do that too, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan Chinese who come to "pick the fruits" of the mainland. A large number of men are scum, should we deny this? ;-)
30th-Aug-2006 06:59 pm (UTC) - ugh
I hate that guy's blog. Not only are his sexual exploits hardly admirable (since he is in a position of authority over most of the people he hooks up with) they are not even that interesting.
Obviously if you need to blog about how many people you've supposedly slept with, you're a little insecure about your sexuality.
30th-Aug-2006 10:58 pm (UTC)
Oh. My. Gosh.

It doesn't surprise me that such a thing exists, or that a 'foreigner' would do that...but sheesh!!

I worry for how this will make Westerners look in general...

1st-Sep-2006 02:07 am (UTC)
1st-Sep-2006 06:51 am (UTC)
Maybe a large percent of Chinese women have stupid English names, but what percent of foreigners in China are scumbags that could not find jobs in their home countries, and are not homeless only because of vestiges of colonialism and white privilege?

Surely, you must have heard of the term "FILTH" used in Hong Kong to describe Western expats? "Failed in London, try again in Hong Kong"? Stuff like this will just make expats even more hated than they are now, so please carry on.
3rd-Sep-2006 12:19 pm (UTC) - english teacher inshanghai
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