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Come celebrate the end of the human race with the release of Pet Conspiracy's long-awaited first full-length album on June 4th, 2011. Due to the recent closing of Yugong Yishan, the Pet Consipracy album release party will be held at Tango 3F (formerly Star live, 79 Hepingli Xijie, Dongcheng district).
Join the Pets and their friends for an alchemical synthesis of sounds, lights and creepy puppets, This is not just music, not just performance. This is not creation... it's just destruction!
The catastrophe is final. Don't be afraid. The Pets are back!
Sponsored by We are not invited (France)

Come celebrate the end of the human race with the release of Pet Conspiracy's long-awaited first full-length album at Yugong Yishan on June 4th, 2011. Join the Pets and their friends for an alchemical synthesis of sounds, lights and creepy puppets, This is not just music, not just performance. This is not creation... it's just destruction!
The catastrophe is final. Don't be afraid. The Pets are back!
Don't miss the end of the world. All the animals are waiting...

The 2011 Midi Festival will start in Beijing, the capital city that has witnessed the birth and twelve years growth of this festival, from April 30th to May 2nd. The festival will be held in Jing Langdao Park in the Mentougou district in west suburbs of Beijing. The performance list for Beijing Midi this year has created a new record, including hundreds of well-known rock bands from both China and abroad.
The legendary American hard rock band Mr. Big will make its first debut in China. Emerged in the late 80s, Mr. Big held its unique style among the hard rock bands. They not only excelled in various extremely technical fast-beat songs, but also whined with their melodic adagios. Their singles 'To Be With You' and 'Wild World' have become the must-listen introductory songs for Chinese rock 'n' roll youth. Mr. Big is sure to arouse nostalgic choruses with their performance in Beijing Midi on May 1st and Shanghai Midi on May 6th.
More at http://china.musicdish.com/

The Underground is back in March with its next showcase of bands with female guitarists or bassists. The line up in March also includes the founder of The Underground Chris B and her own band “Thinking Out Loud” playing a brand of ‘sax-pop-rock” plus Logo whose future retro sound has found their debut CD climbing up the HMV charts along with newcomer Aileen Alonzo whose voice has been described angelic and moving.
This is the first time The Underground has hosted a showcase at Skylark Lounge and we promise you lots of great music and atmosphere.
And this time, not only does the ticket guarantee entry and an Asahi beer, there will be a lucky draw and one winner will walk away with TWO tickets to Slash live in concert on 22nd March. Nice one!

Deserts Xuan is a women of contradictions. I first saw her perform during MIDEM's Taiwan Nights showcase. By far the best act in the lineup, her folksy indie pop style and silky voice drew the attention of a usually fickle MIDEM audience. "I was surprised how very calm and attentive the audience was. It was really touching to feel and see them listening to Chinese songs in such a sincere manner."
But I had mentioned her being a 'woman of contradictions' with perhaps the best example being Taiwan's premiere indie singer/songwriter while being signed to major label Sony Music. Considered a pop singer in Taiwan, she repeatedly exclaims "Lang Lang sucks!" in the middle of Times Square (considers him the Kenny G of classical music). A sweet girlish exterior with the mouth of a sailor (or more properly NYer). Xuan reportedly dropped out of high school because she "couldn't stand the conservative restrictions". Suffice it to say, Deserts Xuan has lots to say and is not afraid to say it.
By Eric de Fontenay

Shazza Music is delighted to host the first Japan Rocks concert in Hong Kong.
The show will be held at Backstage on Friday 11th March. The show will comprise of four bands; one amazingly talented band from Tokyo and a female-led-vocalist-guitarist band from Osaka plus two of the coolest Japanese bands based in Hong Kong.
The Osaka band (Sawas Phool) won a competition (in Osaka!) and the Tokyo band (DonRef) won a competition (in Tokyo!) and this is all part of Shazza Music’s new band 'cooperation' concerts, with the first cooperation country being Japan. This cooperation is to gain a better understanding of each other’s city’s live music scene and to create more opportunities for bands to perform in each city.
Friday 11 March, 2011
@ Backstage, 1/F., 52-54 Wellington St. Central
10:00pm - 1:00am

15th-Feb-2011 01:18 pm - Punk It! From Beijing To London

As the Amazing Insurance Salesmen (AIS) prepare to retain the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) trophy for China, video portal Niurenku 牛人库 unveiled a rockumentary that gives us an idea of what they may be going through. "Punk It! From Beijing to London" traces the story of how Beijing punk band RUSTIC clinched the 2009 GBOB world title that AIS will defend in Kuala Lampur on February 26th. We ad featured a prior Niurenku video of AIS' trek to Hong Kong to win the GBPB China title in November.

Modern Sky's Queen Sea Big Shark will be making a comeback to the States at the upcoming South by Southwest Conference and Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Formed in 2005, the dance-rock/electro band is one of the veteran's from the Beijing indie scene that have been featured in major campaigns by Converse, Diesel, and Dell Computers.
Joining them from Asia is Taiwan's Aphasia. One of the most established bands in Taiwan's indie rock scene, Aphasia's latest album takes the listener on a sonic walk through the day in the life of a Taipei resident.
You can download tracks from both bands courtesy of IODA at http://iodasxsw.com/2011/sampler/

I am not yet very familiar with Taiwanese music, though I hope to find out more later. Some of what I want to say is fairly general and some is specific.
Clearly the first market to look at for Taiwanese music is mainland China and the Greater Chinese overseas market. I understand that Taiwan is already strong in these markets, but the problem in mainland China is the state of the market , where getting paid for the use of recorded music is a continuing problem.
I would just say that every effort should be made to encourage the authorities to find a way to monetise the use of music, which is consistent with consumer behaviour. I would encourage this effort to focus on the huge musical potential on the mainland and on the Taiwanese desire to engage with this development to help and stimulate it. But without sensible and reliable revenue sources for the use of recorded music, the domestic market will never achieve its potential. The developments in Taiwan are an example of the possibilities that open up for both creators and investors when there is a coherent market for recorded music.
By Peter Jenner
Read Full Article at http://china.musicdish.com

9th-Dec-2010 09:42 am - Successful TOEFL Tips

Приветствую всех!

На днях переехала в Пекин, но в Москве осталась пара дел.

Подскажите, пожалуйста, какие бесплатные файлообменники я могу использовать?
- dropbox.com не открывается
- narod.yandex.ru начинает загружать, да потом всё сбрасывается
- upload.com.ua сбрасывает

На форуме полушария советуют 2 сайта - namipan.com и rayfile.com

Но там тоже небольшие трудности, связанные с тем, что я по-китайски пока не читаю.

Спасибо за любую информацию!
das Glueck
11th-Sep-2010 06:13 am - new to the group
Hello. I am a young American woman living in Shanghai. I'm really looking for like-minded platonic friends. I spend a lot of time alone here and I'm looking to change that. I'm into politics, philosophy, culture, cats, horror flicks, tasty food... If anyone is interested, especially women, please don't hesitate to send me a mail. Thanks :)
11th-Feb-2010 05:17 pm - ...Zhuhai, GuangDong, CHINA.

i'm new to the group...so here goes!

- Location in China: Zhuhai, GuangDong, China.

- Your home city and country: Rock Point, Arizona, USA.

- What made you decide to come over: after graduating from Uni, my academic advisor suggested i try teaching in China. that was back in 2006. i'm still here.

- Something, anything about your experience here: after a few months of being pushed around/aside while patiently waiting in line (at the market, the ATM, for the WC, etc.), i have now learned to resist. i stand firm, legs wide, and remain solid. the occasional, "EXCUSE ME!!!!!??? I'm in line here!!!!!" also works. being taller than most and a bit "plump" works as well... :-D


i welcome new friends (and MSN Messenger pals).

cheers!! :-)
Dine Ashkii.
9th-Feb-2010 05:39 pm - Shanghai
It looks as if I'll be in Shanghai for about 10 weeks with a possible follow-on of unknown duration. Never having lived in China I have a number of questions - most of which I haven't even thought of yet! What do you wish that you knew before you moved to China?
23rd-Oct-2009 03:05 am - introduction
 If you are new to the community, please post an entry introducing yourself:

- Location in China:  Dalian, China (Liaoning Province) since 2008
- Your home city and country:  Minneapolis, MN
- What made you decide to come over : I came for a teaching opportunity at a university.  I teach at the MSU-LNU College of International Business.  It's a partnership school between an American school & a Chinese school.  Students get a dual degree.
- Something, anything about your experience here:  I'm going to have my first baby here in Dalian in April.  This should be an interesting experience, as I have merely begun to navigate the Chinese hospital system. 
Dwight / Office
5th-Sep-2009 02:24 pm - Greetings to all

Hey, fellow China expats. I just started my blog recently and there isn't much content but I'd like as many of my fellow "laowai" (or 国际友人 as I sometimes hear) as possible to come and read and comment. I'd like to keep my location secret for now, but I'm somewhere up north where it's cold. Been here quite a while, married to a local, all that jazz. Friend me if you like.

13th-Aug-2009 08:06 pm - email
hi all. I was wondering which email provider (yahoo, google, hotmail, etc.) you find is the most reliable despite the great firewall of china? Most regular emails I try to send to universities get bounced back, but several colleagues I have noticed have yahoo.cn or other accounts. I don't necessarily want to get around the firewall, but I do want my emails delivered ... Thanks!
13th-Aug-2009 01:38 am - Book recommendations
I'm looking for recommendations on books about China - preferably fiction, or memoirs. Although I lived in Beijing for several years but I feel like my knowledge of China-centric reading material is lacking. I've read Waiting & In The Pond (Ha Jin), I've read Lu Xun, Peter Hessler as well as Red China Blues and Red Dust. I'm set to order The Good Earth and Soul Mountain. What other books should a China-focused person read?

I'm very curious about Chinese authors, though non-Chinese will do as well - as long as it's high quality.

Thanks in advance!
8th-Aug-2009 06:45 pm - Chinese Language Resources

I want to share some Chinese language resources my friends and I have been working on:

www.zhongwenred.com Is a site that has been in development off and on for a year. We are going to begin expanding the site this fall. There is a lot of listening material available.

www.daydayupchinese.com this is going to be more like a traditional textbook. We are going to be working on expanding this over the next year or so.

...so if you get the chance, take a look!
10th-Jul-2009 05:50 pm - Chongqing
I'm getting ready to move to Chongqing and was wondering if this community was still functional?
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